Nova Flora Neerlandica is a new critical, comprehensive and scientific reference guide of the Dutch flora. It will consist of 12 volumes that will give detailed descriptions of all Dutch plant species and will address their identification, morphology, taxonomy, ecology, phylogeny and current status.

All based on the most recent literature and knowledge. The Nova Flora Neerlandica will be accompaniedwith an appealing Beeldflora (Visual Flora). A visual guide to the Dutch flora adressing the complete variety of sizes, shapes and colors of plant species in the Netherlands, along with visual overviews on development and ecology of each species.

Additionally, a supporting website will give you access to the Nova Flora Neerlandica and the Beeldflora and will contain supportive information, new insights and updates as well as the possibility to interactively search, research, admire and discuss the Dutch flora.

Nova Flora Neerlandica is initiated by the Royal Botanical Society of the Netherlands.

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